TL;DR I’m taking a break from blogging to spend some quality time with my new product Social Henry. I will keep on publishing Turbine newsletter which you can subscribe here.

Years ago, I struck a deal with my husband: “Let’s create one new income source each year.“

All but one of the sources we’ve set up are still alive and kicking. We have dividend income, ad income, affiliate income, rental income and recurring SaaS income.

The common denominator is that all this income is independent of the hours we spend working. That’s the key to have time for creating new things. We are also location independent - as long as we have an internet connection.

Here comes Social Henry

I didn’t plan to write another SaaS app. Social Henry forced itself into existence.

With all the hats I wear as a solo entrepreneur, I wasn’t able to keep my social media streams rolling. After talking with several people I found out that I’m not the only one.

It’s all about habits and motivation. There are plenty of automation tools available, but most of them are targeted to either hobbyists or professionals who do social media as their job. I don’t see enough ROI in social media to make it a first-class citizen in my business, but I see its potential.

I wanted a tool that’d let me use my favorite social media tools (Buffer, Echofon) and still manage the business side of my social media automatically. When I came up with an idea how to do that, it just didn’t give me peace.

Still, I thought I wouldn’t be the one to give birth to it. The app is named after my brother Henry who I tried to persuade to implement it last summer. After that didn’t happen I decided to roll up my sleeves. I needed that tool so badly!

If you sign up to the early bird list today, you can expect to get an invitation to Social Henry in 2-3 months.

I don’t have resources to open the app for free-for-all instant signups. Like… probably ever. If you want to try Social Henry, it’s best to hop on to list. Read more about Henry here.

How does this affect FirstOfficer customers?

FirstOfficer is my main income source so it has priority over everything else. You can keep on expecting the service and attention you’ve gotten before.

However, I have pulled back some major new features from the roadmap. Biggest of them is the PayPal integration. I’m sorry, but that’s is not going to happen.

Still, you will see development and new features in FirstOfficer. The new features will mostly be based on customer wishes.

How can you manage two SaaS products?

Frankly, I’m not planning to. I’m not getting as personally involved with Social Henry as I am with FirstOfficer. I’ll be outsourcing a lot of Social Henry work.

I do need extra time for a while, but FirstOfficer will not be the source. Instead, I’m taking a break from blogging.

The Turbine newsletter will continue to be published normally and I’ll keep you updated there.

What are your plans for this year? If you’re creating something, drop me a note in the comments.