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  • 3 Lessons from My Almost Failed Launch

    Bootstrapping Launch Mistakes Saas compass

    About a month ago I went from “Ouch, my launch failed miserably” to “What the f*ck! I just reached my launch target!”

    I’m sharing this (long post) on SaaS Compass launch so you can learn from my mistakes and hopefully avoid that emotional roller coaster.

    SaaS Compass launch seemed to fail at first

    I have just a tiny amount of subscribers so I wasn’t expecting SaaS Compass to sell for over $5,000, or even...

  • Risks of Vanity Metrics

    Key metrics Saas metrics Vanity metrics

    Have you been feeling a bit guilty for tracking traffic since you found out it’s a vanity metric? Ashamed that you love following up your traffic stats?

    Well I love my traffic stats too and I refuse to feel bad about it. Making people feel ashamed makes me mad, especially when we are doing nothing wrong.

    What are vanity metrics?

    “If it won’t change how you behave, it’s a BAD metric”

    Vanity metrics are the...

  • Video: Find Your Key Metric in 5 Minutes

    Saas metrics Saas compass

    Lots of people have been asking for a screencast on how to use SaaS Compass to find your key metric. This short screencast (4:30) shows how to fill in the spreadsheet and analyze the created forecasts.

  • Finding Your Key Metric May be Worth $X0,000

    Saas metrics Saas compass

    Key metric is the metric that currently needs your attention the most. Lean Analytics calls it “The One Metric That Matters”. So, what’s the difference between improving any metric that is under average versus improving your key metric?

    Well… it depends if your business has profit bottlenecks or not.

    People look for the key metric because you can only concentrate on improving one aspect of your business at a time. But there’s another aspect too...
  • Forgot to Track SaaS Churn? Let’s Dig It Up from Your DB

    Churn Saas metrics

    If you forgot to measure your SaaS churn, you are not alone. The most common question people ask about my upcoming product is “Can I use SaaS Compass if I haven’t collected any metrics?”

    SaaS churn, like most of the SaaS metrics, don’t need to be tracked similarly than you track traffic or marketing funnel conversions. People calculated metrics for subscription businesses year and years before Kissmetrics, Mixpanel and other SaaS analytics tools came along.

  • Does Average Churn Rate Feel Out of Reach?

    Churn Saas metrics

    Do you feel that no matter what you do, your SaaS churn rate doesn’t budge? It’s below average so there should be untapped potential in your customer base. But you seem to be unable to tap into it. Worse, your gut feeling keeps telling you that your business is fine and your customers are happy enough.

    Your gut feeling can be right. Churn is such a tricky beast that you may be comparing apples to...